Sunday, September 6, 2009

2004 : 33 "27 Jennifers" by Mike Doughty

In the 80's, it seemed like every other girl I met was named Jennifer. They seemed to be all over my life, especially when I started dating. There was my next door neighbor, the second girl I dated, the girl with the locker next to mine, the girl who I tried out for the musical because I had a crush on her, the girl who thought I had no class, the girl who rejected me, the girl who took me to her senior prom, the girl who had a crush on me but wouldn't say anything to me, the girl who used to flirt with me to make my girlfriend mad, and the girl who I had a crush on because of letters she wrote. That list still seems to be light.

I remember telling Jeremy that we should write a song about all of them. The song "27 Jennifers" seems to be that song that Jeremy and I talked about. The first time I heard this song I was walking across the Golden Gate Bridge on my birthday. I was amazed how perfect this song was for me.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Mike Doughty >> "27 Jennifers"

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