Monday, September 28, 2009

2005 : 38 "Here It Goes Again" by Ok Go

I want to say Ok Go was the first new band that used YouTube to break. At least they are the first band that I remember. The video with them dancing around on the treadmills was inventive. The song is pretty good, but it got more attention because of the video on YouTube. I thought that was pretty cool. I love it when bands figure out how to use technology to their advantage.

I know that YouTube has been important for bands, but not in the same way as MTV. Much of the music that gets attention on YouTube is accompanying user-created content. Either someone put someone else's song behind a catchy video, or a person is doing a personal cover of the song.

Rich Thomas

Listen: OK Go >> "Here It Goes Again"

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Jamie Yates said...

Rich, I couldn't agree more.

Perhaps this is me just being picky and/or critical, but I simply cannot stand student music videos. I'm sure that there are tons of film students who have created really innovative video accompaniments to famous songs, but most of the ones I've seen on YouTube have been literal interpretations of a given set of lyrics.