Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2004 : 41 "Zeplin Song" by Courtney Love

I'm a guitar
A les paul single cut away
Please don't play that song on me again
I'll explode
I'll break all my strings, start playing shit
Like the Sex Pistols or anything
(Sunhouse or the blues)

I will admit that buying Courtney Love's American Sweetheart was a little bit of schadenfreude. It had some bad reviews, so bad I just wanted to hear if they were telling the truth. After years of her life falling apart, I wanted to see if I could hear it in her album. I wanted to know how bad it could be.

I was disappointed. I was disappointed because it was not bad, but it was not good. I loved those Hole albums. Live Through This is one of my top ten albums of the 90s and I loved Celebrity Skin also. I wanted it to be better or worse than it was.

That being said, Courtney hit out of the park with "Zeplin Song." Yes, I am tried of Led Zeppelin. I am tired that I still get told how great they were. I just want it to stop. No More Led Zep Please. Yeah, she got this one right.

Why does he rain on my parade?
Why does the song remain the same?
I can't remember my own name
I work for minimum wage
Oh go sell it to Jimmy Page
At the crossroads with the deal he made
Cuz that song ain't goin' away
Oh God the Zeplin song
Nono the Zeplin song
Here comes the Zeplin song
Oh God the Zeplin song

Rich Thomas

Listen: Courtney Love >> "Zeplin Song"

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