Saturday, September 5, 2009

2004 : 29 "Omie Wise" by Tim Eriksen

For my second track of 2004 I've picked "Omie Wise," a banjo-driven narrative murder ballad from one of my favorite folk musicians, Tim Eriksen. This song is an unadorned, live recording of banjo and vocals, from the album Every Sound Below. Both of Eriksen's solo albums have been recorded in this honest one-take, one-mic fashion that I find very compelling. "Omie Wise" is a haunting tale, made even more so to me by the expressive playing and uniquely powerful sustained notes in the vocal line. There is a particular bended-note in the banjo riff that I just find chilling each time it comes round. If you happen to check out Eriksen's site you can listen to all of his songs for free including his band's "Cordelia's Dad" and "Zabe I Babe," both of which I highly recommend.

Dave Evans

Listen: Tim Eriksen >> "Omie Wise"

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