Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2005 : 42 "TV Riot" by The Adored

I know that there are lots of people who use BitTorrent for nefarious reasons. Torrents and peer-to-peer network are synonymous with the death of the music industry and people stealing television shows. In many people's minds, BitTorrent is an evil thing. It is a technology that has changed the face of music as we know it.

That is why I love it when people use BitTorrent for something legal. In 2004, SXSW had mp3s promoting bands on their web site. In 2005, SXSW decided to take all the tracks and put them together in a BitTorrent. This was a great move. I might have downloaded five or six tracks from their website. In a torrent I downloaded over 700 tracks, listened to about 200 of them and bought about a dozen albums because of it. I spent much of 2005 listening to songs from SXSW. It was great. For a few years this was where I was getting a lot of my new music.

Rich Thomas

Listen: The Adored >> "TV Riot"

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