Monday, September 7, 2009

2004 : 36 "Where Is the Line" by Bjork

Before Bjork released Medulla, I used to joke with my friends about starting a techo-pella band. The idea was that we would be creating all the sounds and loops with our voice. While we were joking about this, Bjork was doing it. I am happy that the idea was out in the world instead of just in my little world.

The song "Where Is the Line" is perfect for the project. The lyrics are simple, but this is a case of simplicity being the best. The song can be personal or it can be about an artist's ideas. Where is the line in music? Where do you put this song? Is genre important or not? What will you think of this song? What can be done with just a voice? There are lines all over the place and Bjork does a great job playing with those lines.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Bjork >> "Where Is The Line"

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