Friday, September 25, 2009

2005 : 28 "Sister I'm A Poet " by Colin Meloy (covering Morrissey)


When I first heard that Colin Meloy did an ep of Morrissey songs I geeked out. This seemed to be an intersection that worked perfectly. I am a fan of Colin Meloy and I was a fan of Morrissey. From the Decemberists' music I could see how Colin Meloy also made his way through college listening to Morrissey. I love it when artists give you an example of what is in their record collection.

I was a little disappointed when I saw what songs he selected to record. My Morrissey fandom leans closer to the front of his career. This might suggest that Colin Meloy liked different aspects of Morrissey then I did.

I do think, however, that "Sister I'm A Poet" might have been the perfect song for Colin Meloy to cover. I think he captures what makes the song special. By calling yourself a poet, you create a sense of self-importance. That self-importance is pompous, but it is needed by a poet to have the confidence to write good poetry. What I like about the song is you do not know if the narrator is a good poet or someone who just thinks they are. I think Colin Meloy understands that in his rendition.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Colin Meloy >> "Sister I'm A Poet"

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