Friday, September 18, 2009

2005 : 07 "You're Gonna Lose Us" by The Cribs

It's fitting I first heard this song on Philebrity, a blog about being a douche bag in Philly. This is a song in celebration of being a drunken asshole. Sometimes the worst thing in the world is talk about feelings. I used to be one of those "Are these people REALLY my friends?" kind of pussies. Alcohol and losing your virginity can do wonders for your ego, that’s why I'm late to the party of being "one of the dudes." Listening to this song makes me feel like I'm in a Guy Ritchie movie when people actually gave a shit about Guy Ritchie movies. This song is best heard on your music listening device while waiting for the Night Owl bus after the bar but before you get the spins.

James Specht

Listen: The Cribs >> "You're Gonna Lose Us"

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