Saturday, September 19, 2009

2005 : 10 "Cream and Bastards Rise" by Harvey Danger

Harvey Danger did an amazing thing in 2005. They gave the Little By Little album out for free as a digital download. You can still download it from their website. This is before Radiohead's In Rainbows was priced at whatever people were willing to pay and before or Nine Inch Nails gave away their album.

I was already a Harvey Danger fan. I was the only person I knew who had both of their albums before this, and I was happy that they tried a different approach. It took a lot of guts. They had a good idea of gamble they were taking. I wish it would have worked out better for them. They did not get another hit after this or even release another album. The album was good, but not great. It did not have the power or quickness of their other albums. Their songs had the weary nature that come along with trying to make something into a career. The album was not good enough to put them in a position where all they needed was attention.

Earlier this year Harvey Danger played their last show. They could not ride the Internet release back to the big times. I hope they learned enough that future projects will be rewarding for them.

Rich Thomas

Listen: Harvey Danger >> "Cream and Bastards Rise"

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